A building inspection expert in Wellington

Assessing Wellington's leaky homes and weathertightness issues with professional building inspections

A weathertightness issue can be anything from a minor plumbing leak that has been going on for years to a concern that you might have a leaky home.

We can help you with:

  • Water coming in when it rains but you can’t find the leak
  • A musty smell which you haven’t been able to find the cause of
  • Water stains and/or swelling on the ceiling, wall, floor or skirting board
  • Interpreting your report from the Weathertight Homes Resolution Service
  • Fixing your leaky home
  • Getting compensation to get leaks fixed, including working with the Financial Assistance Package
  • A house that has been fixed but still leaks
  • Ensuring the home you are considering buying doesn’t have any leaks

Our detailed report will give you clear options for resolution, including managing the repair process. These will all be explained to you in terms you can easily understand. Call us for a professional building inspectionin Wellington today.

What equipment do we use?

  • Non invasive capacitance moisture meter
  • Carrel & Carrel C901 resistance moisture meter
  • Small hand tools
  • Digital camera
  • Ladder

Invasive testing & timber sampling

To enable us to provide a scientifically based report, we can undertake invasive testing to confirm that leaks are occurring and that they are causing damage. This is done by taking a combination of moisture readings directly into the outside face of the framing, cutting holes in the cladding and taking timber samples for laboratory testing. Timber framing can be structurally damaged from leaks but the damage may only be seen under a microscope. During this process, we are also able to assess the failures and prescribe what needs to be done to fix the leaks.

How do you make a WHRS claim?

We can assist in assessing whether your house meets the requirements of this legislation that provides assistance to home owners with leaky homes.

We can interpret the reports provided through this process, act for you in the legal process and also assist in the design and management of the repair of your house. Further information on the Weathertight Homes Resolution Service process can be obtained from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment .

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